Our Product

Our virtual labs provide efficient and cost effective means to stay confident and competent in industry practices, by making safe virtual work environments that provide accurate exposure to techniques, procedures and equipment.

Our virtual reality labs allow users to:

  • Interact with lab equipment
  • Change settings on the equipment
  • Test run the equipment
  • Learn about the functional processes of the equipment
  • Learn how to set up the equipment
  • Try different equipment manufacturers

Equipment available in our virtual labs include:

  • Vibratome sectioning system
  • Micro pipette pullers
  • Infrared microscopes
  • Universal pipettes
  • Micromanipulators
  • Precision balances
  • High capacity balances
  • Intracellular solution
  • ACSF solution

It's simple and easy

Everything you need to benefit from a virtual training lab will be included in your order – from the premium headsets and virtual lab software to headset cases and chargers. It’s as simple as turn the headset on and start training.


There are no hidden costs

We offer a simple and flexible pricing plan with no hidden extras. 

Check out our pricing page for more info.

Research by PWC shows Virtual Reality platforms can help increase work confidence by up to 40%, accelerate training completion by up to 4x, improve training & on-the-job focus by up to 4x.

We’re augmenting the practical side of learning

Learning without the consequences of real-life failure means that employees and students can repeat practice without pressure, until they become familiar and confident with the desired equipment and procedures.

This means more time exposed to practical spaces, from science laboratories to engineering floors.

As well as improving their workplace awareness, through equipment usage and risk assessment, our goal is to mitigate training costs and equipment damage whilst promoting maximum learning retention.

We can also provide analytical statistics of individual training performances, showing their progression and improvement trends across any number of exercises.

Virtual Reality lab solutions

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