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Our goal at clear_pixel VR is to rethink and reshape current industry and educational training procedures.

We’re on a mission to help critical industries accelerate their growth through innovative VR training.

We’re passionate about augmenting the practical side of learning. Here’s why:

Inefficiency of practical lab training

The current standard of training is too traditional. Legacy paper-based activities in the lab are perhaps one of the greatest barriers to innovation in training.

Training new staff to become independently skilled workers is too time-consuming. It can take up to 5 years to complete fundamental training.

The costs associated with training staff are excessively high. Training can cost upwards of £250,000 over a 5-year period.

High Staff Turnover

Workforces are quitting en masse, skills are lost in translation as retention rates decline, and training time to-proficiency is unattractive for new hires and hirers alike.

Knowledge Drought

The industry is growing faster than skills are being taught, and while less workers staying onboard, highly skilled workers are ageing.

Minimal Lab Exposure

Our universal feedback to date from employers and Universities is that practical neuroscience training is sporadic, inefficient and incurs high consumable waste.

Our core values


We are grateful to be a part of the growing trend of Virtual Training, as this new wave of innovation sweeps through industries.

Growth & Learning

At clear_pixel VR, we inspire employees and students by providing safe virtual environments for them to learn in. Growing confidence and competency in the workplace is key to a happy, productive team.


We work directly with employers and their employees on how we can help address their training needs. Affordability for the employer and consistency for the employee.


We can save an employer up to 40% on their training time and training budget, whilst helping to build a confident and competent workforce. We want to deliver results that change an industry. 

Virtual Reality lab solutions

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