Hyper realistic Virtual Reality Laboratory Training Solutions

clear_pixel VR Library
Choose our existing library of VR lab training modules, guaranteed to provide unlimited exposure to fundemental lab training processes and equipment.

clear_pixel VR Bespoke
We can recreate any lab procedure and lab equipment, in as much detail and with as many learning outcomes as required.

Our virtual reality laboratory training modules allow users to:

  • Interact with lab equipment
  • Change settings on the equipment
  • Test run the equipment
  • Learn about the functional processes of the equipment
  • Learn how to set up the equipment
  • Try different equipment manufacturers
  • Learn processes and procedures
  • Track their progress

Equipment available in our VR lab training modules includes:

  • Vibratome sectioning system 
  • Micro pipette pullers
  • Infrared microscopes
  • Universal pipettes
  • Micromanipulators
  • Precision balances
  • High capacity balances
  • Intracellular solution
  • ACSF solution 

Research by PWC shows Virtual Reality platforms can help increase work confidence by up to 40%, accelerate training completion by up to 4x, improve training and on-the-job focus by up to 4x.

Our Services

clear_pixel VR Library

Pipetting Part 1

Introduction to air-aspirated mechanical micropipettes and how to operate them in our VR lab environment. 

Pipetting Part 2

Techniques required to correctly aspirate solutions with a micropipette, ensuring accurate and reproduceable results.

Extracellular Solution Preparation

VR preparation of artificial cerebrospinal fluid (aCSF). Focuses are on correct compound volumes and carbonation. Measuring pH and osmolality of solutions.

Intracellular Solution Preparation

VR preparation of intracellular solution for patch clamp electrophysiology. Focus is on correct selection of pipettes and pipetting small volumes. Measuring pH and osmolality of solutions.

Fundamentals of Patch Clamp Electrophysiology

VR whole cell patch clamp electrophysiology module. Focus is on locating a neuron and forming a seal, effects of poor/good seal on a recording, and effects of access resistance on recording quality.

clear_pixel VR Bespoke

Do you have a specific lab procedure that’s a pain-point when training new professionals or students? 

That’s the perfect opportunity to recreate it in a virtual environment to reduce and remove some of the barriers and costs and increase the learning and engagement.

Replicating the equipment needed for the lab procedure in virtual reality and exactly how it operates is perfect for students and early stage lab professionals to practise on it, increasing their skills and confidence. It also removes the barrier of having limited equipment numbers, or equipment located at one site only.

It doesn’t matter how lengthy or technical the procedure, we can recreate it in high quality and hyper realism.

clear_pixel VR Library training modules coming soon:

  • Microscope Optimisation
  • Morphology of Neurones 
  • Electrode Localisation 
  • Neuronal Tissue Culture
  • Drug Assay
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Brain Slices
  • Extracellular Recording
  • Patch Clamp and Neural Circuits
  • Electrophysiology and Neurological Disorder

It’s simple and easy.

Everything you need to benefit from our virtual reality laboratory training platform will be included in your order – from the premium headsets and virtual lab software to headset cases and chargers. It’s as simple as turn the headset on and start training.

There are no hidden costs.

We offer a simple and flexible pricing plan with no hidden extras. 

Track Learning Outcomes

Case Study

recent example of our work can be seen with Sutter Instrument.

This includes replicating their NAN-21 microscope with MPC-78 stage, ROE-200 micromanipulator and the TRIO MPC-100 controller.

Virtual Reality lab solutions

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